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Testimonials: Testimonials

Nichole's ability to organize any space is so satisfying.  She can take an absolute mess and transform it to a magazine worthy space.

Every time I see Nichole post a picture of a finished deep clean or organized space I ask her, "Can you clean my house next?!?".  Seriously amazing work!

MAGIC!  I honestly can't believe that she's not using magic!  My space was a WRECK and she transformed it using only the space and organizational bins I already had.  I'm so impressed!

I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until it was too late and I was too overwhelmed to find the time to take care of it.  The kids keep exclaiming that they found all these things they never knew or remember they had!  Thank you!

I literally cried when I saw my closets and pantries!  Thank you!

Imagine sitting comfortably while someone else cleans out and organizes (with your direction) every cubby you’ve been shoving stuff into right before company arrives.  Yeah. Pretty sweet! The energy and dedication is truly amazing!

I had Clean Chi Organizing come to organize my pantry and ended up having the whole kitchen done.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is overwhelmed with the mundane tasks of sorting, cleaning, re-arranging, and labeling.

Clean Chi Organizing has LITERALLY organized every room in my house!!  Nichole is so easy to work with and really makes the whole process painless.  I can't believe I waited this long to have an expert come in and get this house organized.  Every room, closet, drawer, etc. is so much more user friendly and we are able to keep things clean now that there's a place for everything.

Nichole came and helped me clean out and organize the craziest areas of my home so I could list it for sale.  She cleared out the attic, basement, garage, my college daughter's name it.  We couldn't have listed without her help!  You can be sure we'll be calling her for packing assistance as well.

I have to give the mother of all shout outs to this amazing company! It has been a very crazy and stressful year and anyone who know me knows that having a clean and organized environment helps to keep me sane. I could not have done that this year without the help of “Clean Chi”. From helping me move, setting up everything so that it makes sense, and keeping me in line with purging, she does it all! If you are looking for an experienced, no judgement, holistic approach to an organized home, you must contact “Clean Chi”.

Nichole really did an amazing job on my closets, bathrooms, pantry and kids' rooms. Everything has its own place now and she even separated the junk from the garage sale stuff from the keepers which was so helpful.

I don't know HOW many bags of crap we got rid of but the closets hadn't been gone through in years (maybe never) and most of the stuff was old/expired/not needed. When you haven't use the tablecloth in seven years it's probably time to get rid of that tablecloth you know what I mean?

She was really easy to work with and was on time. I know it may seem luxurious to hire someone to do this stuff but I quite honestly was never going to do it and every time I opened the door I just wanted to cry. But instead of doing anything about it I just shoved everything back in and closed it!

Now I know everything is, little things are in labeled boxes and bins. She even organize all of my kids ridiculous toys and art supplies etc. and so far the system is holding up well!! This is a far cry from them just stuffing everything in the drawers/closet and slamming it shut kind of like their mom!

I am most likely going to hire her again to work on our kitchen cabinets and drawers because they are a shit show and I know she'll do it right.

You can stop your search.

I've hired many organizers and Nichole is the best for several reasons. She is responsive, communicative and easy to work with. Before her arrival, she shopped for containers at the dollar store. I didn't have anything to help with organization, so I appreciated that a lot. Her work is thorough and efficient. Unlike other organizers, I didn't need to work alongside her and go through each item. She knew what to do and the results were fantastic. I video-called my friends and family to show off Nichole's work. Her organization was practical. The sorting was smart and now everything is easier to access. I am really impressed.

Nichole went above and beyond my expectations. I'm glad I found her in a world full of (very overpriced) organizers. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm no longer stressed about my kitchen.

I look forward to having her tackle my walk-in closet next!

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